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Special Order

To special order, go to the swatches page and select the fabrics that you like.

Then drop me a note at and let me know what fabrics and what style bag you would like.

Special order bags are the price of that style of bag + 10% - except for Baby/Beach Bags. (i.e 55 + 5.5 = $60.50)

Special Orders are shipped within two weeks.

The benefits to special ordering (aside from making your own creative choices) are:

You can customize the length of your strap by giving me a measurement.

You can add pockets to your bag - at $4 a piece. Choose from cell phone pocket, pen pocket, ipod pocket, or the flapped pocket.

You can add a closure to your bag - at $3 a piece. Choose from my handmade rubber buttons, large silver or black snaps, or zippers (in some cases.)



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