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KTK Handmade goes to the Galapagos Islands!
We're back. See pictures from our trip. We had a great time with 11 great kids!

KTK Handmade introduces new screen printed bags to raise money for a Galapagos Screen Printing project. $10 of each sale is donated.

The Polygram Purse, screened with the feet of the Galapagos Blue Footed Boobie sell for $65 and the Grocery Tote Bag, screened with Galapagos lava formations sell for $35 unlined and $55 lined. These hand-screen printed bags are made with sustainable hemp, sustainable hemp/silk blend, and organic cotton.

Proceeds will fund art supplies for a new volunteer initiative with Galapagos ICE (Immerse Connect Evolve), a non-profit organization, dedicated to improving the health and educational systems of the Galapagos Islands. The organization unites local residents, citizens of Ecuador and volunteers from around the world in projects that improve the lives of residents by empowering them with skills to create new and sustainable economic opportunities.

As Galapagos ICE volunteers Kerrigan and fiance, Jon will travel to Ecuador in July 2006 to teach screen printing techniques to the children at a school in Puerto Ayora. Students will sell their screened t-shirts to raise money for school supplies. The Polygram Purse and Grocery Tote Bag were created to help meet the costs of screen making supplies for this project.

For more information about Galapagos ICE, please visit

A huge THANK YOU goes to Standard Screen, for their very generous donation to this project. Go to them for your screen printing supplies and questions!


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