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After soaking in the ghosts of a converted textile factory for nearly a decade, Kerrigan has moved with her family (the legendary jon, good-boy toby dog and the cutest dinah kitty) to a Brooklyn brownstone. Now we'll see what effect a different architectural history and direct sunlight in the studio has on her creations.

Kerrigan Kessler has been designing and making bags since October '99. She carries a smart color and pattern sense from her graphic design training over into the three-dimensional form when she makes a bag. Kessler, also trained as a dancer (and now a kundalini yoga teacher) always aims to make these bags comfortable to carry. Each bag in fact comes with a reminder card to "switch sides when carrying your goods" as well as tips for cleaning and care. Kessler frequently refers to these bags as "spiritual bags"- being as beautiful on the inside as they are on the out.

Extra special credits include:

Much thanks go to Isabelle Dikland for her help in the development of this business and website.
Many thanks to Jacqueline W. for her expert advice and steady support.
Many, many thanks to my (immediate and extended) family. They have been so supportive, in spirit, fabric hand-me-downs, and early sewing lessons!

This site is designed and maintained by me.

And to the sound of many shutters clapping --- Many, many thanks to the photographers.
For most Main Bag pics on each page: Photos by Tiffany Walling with help from Laura Germida.
For this updated portrait (and other surprises): Photo by Tiffany Walling and John McGarity.

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